Fitbit Premium

Get more insights and additional stats to reach your goals faster and train toward better results.


What you get with Premium:

Fitbit Benchmarks

Compare your data against the entire Fitbit community, your age group and more.

Food Reports

Analyze your calorie intake, see your average calories per meal, and get nutrition recommendations for the following week.

Activity Reports

See a history of your activity trends, track your long-term calorie burning goals, and get ranked on your activity level.

Sleep Reports

Get the most out of your sleep tracking with long-term stats and historical trends.

Fitbit Trainer

Receive a personalized 12-week fitness plan that pushes you to gradually increase your movement.

Premium is available exclusively on your desktop.

Get motivated by seeing how you stack up against your peers.

Stay on track toward your goals with in-depth analysis of your food log and calorie burn.

Find the inspiration you need to increase your activity and watch your fitness improvements over time.

Understand when and how you sleep best with comprehensive charts and graphs.

Use a workout schedule tailored to your goals and get a digital trainer that goes where you go.

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Premium is available exclusively on your desktop.

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