Get Started

  1. IMAGE: Download and install

    Download and install

    Fitbit's Uploader software uploads your Tracker's stats from your base station to your personalized dashboard on, so you can track your activity, log food, and much more.

  2. IMAGE: Set up your account

    Set up your account

    During the software installation, you'll be guided through a process to set up your Tracker device and register an account on If you already have an account, you will be able to sign in.

  3. IMAGE: Plug in your base station

    Plug in your base station

    The base station wirelessly syncs data from your Tracker to your computer, whenever you are within about 15 feet. You'll also use it to charge the Tracker's battery every 5-7 days.

  4. IMAGE: Link and charge

    Link and charge

    During the software installation, you'll link your Tracker device to your account by placing it on the base station and entering a code. Leave your Tracker on the base station until the battery is fully charged (press the button while on the base station to see the battery indicator).

Set up your Fitbit Tracker

Welcome to Fitbit! To get started, you'll need to download and install our free software.

June 22, 2012